MiSter was founded by Miguel Villaescusa in 1969 in Almansa (Spain), a town with a long tradition in shoe making from the middle 19th Century.

When he was 14 years old, Mr Villaescusa started to work at the management of another shoe factory at the same town. At the age of 17, his interest in finding out new fields in that sector led him to start in business as a Selling Agent for the Spanish market. And at the age of 23, when his sales figures were hard to break, he decided to undertake his adventure as a shoe manufacturer.

His experience acquired until then provided him with the clues to form a company with steady and lasting roots. He decided to take a chance on a product with supreme quality and special design and support a brand that would become a reference for the consumer.

But the project would not be easy or quick to grow.

At the beginning it took many years to improve the product.

At the same time, Mr Villaescusa´s interests aimed him to set his sights on the international markets, launching himself out into journeys all over the world looking for new clients, who still remain up to the present day.

Nowadays, after exporting its products to more than 60 countries in the five continents and with excellent reputation within the sector, the succession to the second generation of the family is taking place. Rosa and Miguel, the founder’s second and third children, have become part of the business management. The new challenges, under the present circumstances, of the trendy markets mean new difficulties and a special motivation for them to maintain the logo miSter on the podium of the luxury shoes world-wide.